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Be with Your Child – Right Here, Right Now

| Parent-child Communication | No Comments

The past, the present, and the future. Here are some things to keep in mind. The past doesn’t exist. Once you’ve experienced something, that moment is lost forever, except as a stored memory. Also, the images you’ve stored in memory are likely…

The Developing Adolescent Brain: My Discussion with Andrea Zacharias

| Adolescent Brain, Critical Thinking, Interviews, Podcasts, Teen Success | No Comments

I recently had a fascinating discussion about the adolescent brain with parent coach Andrea Zacharias. If you want to know more about what I do and think about every day, listen in!   Learn more about Andrea’s work…


Why Teens Are Vulnerable to Peer Pressure

| Adolescence, Adolescent Brain, Alcohol, Critical Thinking, Drugs, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Parent-child Communication, Peer Pressure, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture, Teen Sex, Work, Youth Athletics | No Comments

What is self-esteem, anyway? Why is it important to a growing child? Why does it turn out to be a tough issue? What can parents do to nurture stronger self-esteem? Physically, I was a late-bloomer. When I was a freshman…

Radical Naivete – Where the Teen Journey Begins

| Adolescence, Education, Parent-child Communication, Peer Pressure, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture | No Comments

How much wisdom did you have when you were 13? What did you know? More to the point, what insights about life – which could have helped you a lot back then – wouldn’t come until much later? I was…