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How Our Teen Daughter Learned to Manage Money

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Money matters can get complicated. Buying what you need and want while living within your means. Purchasing the right amount of insurance. Investing wisely and saving for your child’s college education. Minimizing debt and maintaining a strong credit rating. Protecting…

Sexualization in Children’s TV Shows

| Adolescence, Guest Blog Posts, Health & Nutrition, Parenting, Teen Culture, Teen Sex | No Comments

When it comes to sex education, parents need to learn more about how our culture sexualizes their kids. This guest post, which addresses this “blind spot,” comes from Elizabeth McDade-Montez, Ph.D. a Senior Research Associate at etr.org (Education, Training, and…

What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Brain – a Fun Introduction

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You see those beautiful eyes and that heart-melting smile. What you don’t see (and probably rarely think about) is your child’s brain, which is steadily growing, preparing itself for the challenges of adult life, and will continue to do so…

It’s a Jungle Out There – Raising Strong Kids

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We were excited. Bewick’s wrens had been building a nest in the little house we had put up to attract them. We watched for days as the male and female flew back and forth with nest material. It was a…