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A Fun Game that Develops Kids’ Minds

| Behavior Change, Critical Thinking, Education, Encouragement, Personal Strength, Programs, Teen Success | No Comments

In my first draft of the above title, the word “Underprivileged” appeared before “Kids.” But the game I’m talking about is chess, which can help make any kid smarter, not…

Teens Can Choose to Make Their Brains Smarter – The Stakes Are High

| Adolescence, Adolescent Brain, Alcohol, Critical Thinking, Drugs, Education, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Parent-child Communication, Parenting, Peer Pressure, Personal Strength, Rebellion, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture, Teen Sex, Teen Success | No Comments

One of the underlying themes of my writing is that parents of teens need to be realistic. But being realistic doesn’t necessarily imply some kind of worst-case scenario. Because realistically,…

How Parents Can Penetrate the Separateness

| Parent-child Communication, Rebellion, Strong for Parenting | No Comments

Billions of human beings follow their separate paths, steps followed by steps largely unknown to the people around them – even friends and acquaintances. This limited ability to know for sure…

Who Am I? Teens in Search of an Identity

| Adolescence, Encouragement, Parent-child Communication, Peer Pressure, Rebellion, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture, Teen Success | No Comments

Remember the first day of your child’s life. He or she didn’t get to choose you – the parents – or other members of their family. And they didn’t get…