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Teens Can Choose to Make Their Brains Smarter – The Stakes Are High

| Adolescence, Adolescent Brain, Alcohol, Critical Thinking, Drugs, Education, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Parent-child Communication, Parenting, Peer Pressure, Personal Strength, Rebellion, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture, Teen Sex, Teen Success | No Comments

One of the underlying themes of my writing is that parents of teens need to be realistic. But being realistic doesn’t necessarily imply some kind of worst-case scenario. Because realistically,…

How Parents Can Penetrate the Separateness

| Parent-child Communication, Rebellion, Strong for Parenting | No Comments

Billions of human beings follow their separate paths, steps followed by steps largely unknown to the people around them – even friends and acquaintances. This limited ability to know for sure…

Who Am I? Teens in Search of an Identity

| Adolescence, Encouragement, Parent-child Communication, Peer Pressure, Rebellion, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture, Teen Success | No Comments

Remember the first day of your child’s life. He or she didn’t get to choose you – the parents – or other members of their family. And they didn’t get…

Perspectives on Teen Sex – a YouTube Video Playlist

| Adolescence, Behavior Change, Education, Health & Nutrition, Interviews, Parent-child Communication, Parenting Videos, Teen Sex | No Comments

After puberty, every normal child will develop the ability to procreate, which includes this necessary element: sexual desire. This is a good thing for the young person and the human…