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How to Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone Use

| Adolescence, Health & Nutrition, Parent-child Communication, Parenting, Programs, Teen Culture, Teen Success | No Comments

Smartphones are an amazing window into a world of countless marvels and dangers. Since kids have a lot to learn, giving a child a smartphone needs to be done with exquisite care. In this guest post, Scott Reddler (father of three and…

How to Buy a Basic Cell Phone for Your Young Teen

| Adolescence, Health & Nutrition, Peer Pressure, Teen Culture, Teen Success | No Comments

If you read my post about the mixed bag of wonders/dangers of smartphones and social networking, your eyes are wide open about pornography, cyberbullying, stranger danger, sexual predators, identity theft, and sex trafficking. And yes, social networking – an addictive…

Teen Smartphones and Social Networking – Buyer Beware

| Adolescence, Adolescent Brain, Critical Thinking, Parent-child Communication, Parenting, Parenting Videos, Peer Pressure, Teen Culture, Teen Success, Teen Suicide | No Comments

Today, most phone calls are made using wireless smartphones, relayed by Wi-Fi devices in your home or distant radio towers. What we used to call telephones are now called landlines, and these are steadily disappearing. The smartphone technology that people…

Share the Secret – Help Your Teen Care about Developing the Prefrontal Cortex

| Adolescence, Adolescent Brain, Critical Thinking, Teen Success | No Comments

If you’ve read about the teen brain, you know it’s mostly about a child’s final stage of brain development, during which the prefrontal cortex (PFC) is wired for foundation critical thinking skills. In one respect, wiring the PFC is like…