Listening to Understand


When you improve the way you listen, your child will feel respected and understood, so they stay open to your guidance and the bond between you grows stronger.

Listening to Understand:

The Superpower of Strong Parents

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The lack of effective communication is the No. 1 issue for parents and children. Connect with Your Kid is an unprecedented, practical step-by-step guide to improving these skills:

  • Listen to understand
  • Coach your child to think
  • Guide learning from experience
  • Get buy-in for expectations
  • Offer encouragement
  • Express appreciation
  • Give feedback constructively
  • Accept feedback graciously
  • Engage in dialogue
  • Resolve conflict creatively

It takes time to master a new skill or replace a dysfunctional behavior pattern with a more productive one. To make these skills habitual, you need lots of practical application at home. When you acquire any new skill, having a coach is the accelerator—a long-term support involving accountability, reinforcement, feedback, and encouragement.

For most parents, the practical solution is parents coaching each other—partnering with another parent, to help each other acquire improved skills to boost their communication with their child. These two books will empower you: 

Connect with Your Kid: Mastering the Top 10 Parent-Child Communication Skills is an unprecedented how-to manual for improving the skills that create a bond with your child that lasts a lifetime.




Parents Coaching Parents explains how to give effective support to the parent you’ve partnered with.

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