Favorite Bloggers

These online resources feature regularly updated helpful content for parents.


Fern Weis – Fern Weis

Parenting insights and resources from an experienced parent coach and mother.



Chris Hudson – Understanding Teenagers

Excellent posts about helping parents connect with their teenagers.



Laura Markham – Aha! Parenting

Psychologist/mom/author posts advice about coaching and communicating with kids of all ages.



Ronit Baras – Family Matters

Practical parenting advice, including tips for approaching teenagers.



Ariadne Brill – Positive Parenting Connection

Articles about cooperation, communication, and reducing conflict to build confidence and calm in parenting.



Anne CollierNet Family News

Expert articles about Internet safety for kids of the digital age.



Annie Fox  – From the Desk of Annie Fox

Prolific author and teen coach, she writes helpful insights for parents and kids of all ages.



Rachel Macy Stafford – Hands Free Mama

Articles and books about eliminating distractions to free up time for sharing life with loved ones.



Rachel Norman – A Mother Far from Home
A mother of five shares down-to-earth, realistic tips for remaining a sane, authentic person while being there for your kids.