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The best of the best bloggers who share insights about parenting. (If you discover another terrific parent blogger you feel I should add, let me know!)


[two_fifth padding=”0 0 0 50%”]imgres[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”2% 0 0 5%”]Fern Weis – Fern Weis

Parenting insights and resources from an experienced parent coach and mother.

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IMG_0757 - Version 6 – Version 8[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”8% 0 0 5%”]Chris Hudson – Understanding Teenagers

Excellent posts about helping parents connect with their teenagers.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”]LauraMarkham160x160
[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Laura Markham – Aha! Parenting

Psychologist/mom/author posts advice about coaching and communicating with kids of all ages.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”] MercedesSamudio160x160[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Mercedes Samudio – The Parenting Skill

Posts and resources that address a range of parenting challenges.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”] RonitBaras160x160[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Ronit Baras – Family Matters

Practical parenting advice, including tips for approaching teenagers.

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Ariadne Brill160x160[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Ariadne Brill – Positive Parenting Connection

Articles about cooperation, communication, and reducing conflict to build confidence and calm in parenting.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”]Anne Collier160x165[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Anne CollierNet Family News

Expert articles about Internet safety for kids of the digital age.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”]AnnieFox160x160[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Annie Fox  – From the Desk of Annie Fox

Prolific author and teen coach, she writes helpful insights for parents and kids of all ages.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”] VanessaVanPatten160x160[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Vanessa Van PattenRadical Parenting

Author/speaker features articles from the teen perspective.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”]RachelStafford160x160
[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Rachel Macy Stafford – Hands Free Mama

Articles and books about eliminating distractions to free up time for sharing life with loved ones.

[/three_fifth_last] [two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 50%”]JenniferWagner160x160
[/two_fifth] [three_fifth_last padding=”5% 0 0 5%”]Jennifer WagnerConnect with Your Teens Through Pop Culture and Technology

Helps adults keep up with youth culture as a way of bonding with teens.



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Rachel Norman – A Mother Far from Home
A mother of five shares down-to-earth, realistic tips for remaining a sane, authentic person while being there for your kids.