Favorite Videos


YouTube is a universe for parenting videos on every conceivable topic. This page lists videos I believe will be especially valuable to parents of teens. A recommendation: after watching a video, check the links on the right of that YouTube page for videos by the same expert or other videos on the same or similar topics.



 TECHNOLOGY Dr. Cal Newport “Dr. Cal Newport (author of Deep Work) TED talk about quitting social media” (13:50)
TECHNOLOGY Ju “Ju explains why she quit social media” (11:05)
TECHNOLOGY Amy “Amy explains why she quit social media” (7:18)
TECHNOLOGY Anderson Cooper/CNN “Being Thirteen: Inside the Secret World of Teens” (42:55)
TEEN BRAIN Angela Searcy “The Teenage Brain for Parents and Professionals” (7:41)
PARENTING Simon Sinek “Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace (15:00)
TECHNOLOGY Gavin McLure “Crazy effects of screen time on your brain” (4:13)
TECHNOLOGY PBS News “The drug-like effect of screen time on the teenage brain” (7:31)
TECHNOLOGY wafflepwn “Freak Out” Cautionary incident related to violent video game addiction – shocking meltdown (2:06)
COMMUNICATION Joe Bruzzese “Parent and Teen Conversations – Getting Beyond the Grunt” (2:18)
ALCOHOL Missouri Safe and Sober “Alcohol’s Effect on Teenage Brain” (1:45)
ALCOHOL DrinkWise Australia “Impact of Binge Drinking on Teen Brain Development” (1:11)
TEEN BRAIN NIMH “Development of the Young Brain” (4:50)
ACTIVITIES Peyton Manning  “Sports Advice for Parents” (2:47)
VIDEO GAMES Samantha Moe “My Child Feels Entitled to Video Games” (6:28)
ACTIVITIES Jim Bucci “Sports: Before You Give Advice, Ask Your Kids if They Want It ” (1:52)
SKILL LEARNING Josh Kaufman “20 Hours to Learning Anything” (3:00)
COMMUNICATION Amy Speidel “Ask Questions Instead of Offering Solutions” (2:42)
ALCOHOL AND DRUGS World Science Festival “The Teenage Brain Is Primed for Addiction” (2:21)
PARENTING Leah Davies  “Thoughts on Parenting” (6:15)
TEEN BRAIN Laci Green “The Teen Brain: Under Construction” (2:55)
SEXUAL CONSENT Steve Raffner “The UK Explained Consent in the Most British Way Possible” (3:01)
EMPATHY Chris Adkins “Empathy 101: Articulate Others’ Feelings” (2:49)
TEEN SEX Steve Harvey “What Boys Think about Teenage Sex” (2:00)
TEEN BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Anita Collins “How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain” (4:44)
WORK Tim Elmore Why Kids Need Work, Not Just a Job” (4:45)
EMOTIONS M-L Health Unit “Teen Emotional Development” (2:21)
RAISING GIRLS Dr. Michael Gurian “The Wonder of Girls” (34:24)
COMMUNICATION Kristine Tye “The Parent-Teen Argument Antidote” (2:48)
TEEN SUCCESS Carol Dweck “The Power of Believing You Can Improve” (10:24)
RELATIONSHIPS Girls Leadership  “The Myth of the BFF” (2:31)
TEEN BRAIN M-L Health Unit  “Teen Brain Development” (3:01)
COMMUNICATION Mercedes Samudio “Learning Your Family’s Love Language” (7:54)
SCREEN TIME  Victoria Dunckley, MD “Reset Your Child’s Brain” (3:40)
SEX Julian Redwood “Porn! Are Your Kids Protected?” (2:37)
BULLYING  KidsInTheHouse “End Bullying” (2:37)
COMMUNICATION Mercedes Samudio “Getting Your Tween to Talk to You” (6:08)
PARENTING Amy Speidel “When You Make a Mistake, Accept It with Grace” (3:16)
PRIVACY Deborah Gilboa “Should You Snoop on Your Child?” (1:11)
BOYS Michael Gurian “How to Get Boys Reading More” (14:36)
EMOTIONS Hal Runkel “Scream-Free Parenting” (6:49)
BOYS Matt Binz  “Raising Boys vs. Raising Men” (6:41)
TEENAGERS Meg VonFeldt “Ten Things that Parents Should Know about Teenagers” (3:41)
SOCIAL MEDIA Yalda Uhls “Everything Parents Need to Know about Texting” (2:11)
CONFIDENCE Kristine Tye “Is Your Student Confident and Competent?” (2:15)
EDUCATION Mobilis Mobili “Boys in Crisis” (4:40)
EDUCATION Prager University “War on Boys” (5:37)
PREPARING FOR LIFE Tim Elmore “Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?” (3:47)
DATING Deborah Gilboa “What if I Hate My Teen’s Partner?” (2:11)
TEEN BRAIN Sheryl Olson “Teenager Thinking” (1:37)
COMMUNICATION Betsy Brown Braun “How to Get Your Child to Talk to You” (1:18)
DEPRESSION/SUICIDE Marushka Mujic “Preventing Teen Depression and Suicide through Community Involvement”  (1:00)
COMMUNICATION Jennifer Kolari “How to Talk to Your Child – Mirroring”  (1:58)
RELATIONSHIPS Ric Elias “3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed”  (7:42)
ALCOHOL Sydney Garrett “Alcohol and the Teenage Brain”  (1:38)
FOCUSING Robyn Silverman “How to Help a Child Focus” (3:39)
COMMUNICATION John Gray “Communicating Effectively with Your Teenager” (2:31)
MEDIA SCREEN TIME Jane Healy “Why It Is Important to Set Limits on Media for Kids” (2:34)
PARENT-CHILD COMMUNICATION Laura Markham “How to Stop the Cycle of Yelling in Your Family” (1:59)
MONEY Lee Hausner “How to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility” (1:59)
Vicki Hoefle
FREEDOM Michelle Icard “How Much Freedom Should You Give Your Tween?” (1:10)
TEEN DRIVING SaferDrivingForTeens.org
BEHAVIOR CHANGE Sarah Newton “How to Get a Teen to Start/Stop Doing Something” (3:02)
PRAISE Carol Dweck “A Study on Praise” (4:51)
COMMUNICATION Parenting Your Teenager “Communication with Teenagers” (4:10)
TEMPER Sarah Newton “When Your Child Swears, Screams, Shouts” (2:42)
ASSERTIVENESS Vikki Carrel “5 Phrases for Becoming Assertive” (7:37)
ADULT KIDS AT HOME Larry Winget “Adult Kids Who Live at Home” (3:45)
TEEN MONEY Channel 12 “Teen’s Successful eBay Business” (2:12)
CONFLICT RESOLUTION Roger Frame “Successfully Resolve Conflict” (1:32)
SELF-DISCIPLINE David Walsh “Self-Discipline” (2:28)
TEEN SLEEP Lisa Bunnage “Teenagers Need Sleep” (4:26)
BODY IMAGE Doctor G “3 Ways to Overcome the Media Messages” (1:45)
ALCOHOL Connect with Kids “Binge Drinking Effects That Last a Lifetime” (1:43)
LISTENING Howcast “How to Be a Good Listener” (1:38)
PARENTING TEENS DavidBrownTV “Things Teens Wish Parents Knew” (3:00)
DISCIPLINE Craig Childress “How to Discipline a Teenage Child” (2:48)