This guest post comes from Deborah Gilboa, MD (popularly known as Dr. G), an internationally renowned parenting and youth development expert. She is also a family physician and mom of four boys. Dr G., founder of, is the go-to expert on raising and educating respectful, responsible, resilient young people and is the author of the book Get the Behavior You Want, Without Being the Parent You Hate!

Nagging doesn’t work.

I should know, I’ve tried it often enough! Not only doesn’t it work, it’s bad for kids… and for adults.

These 3 things DO work.

In less than two minutes, you’ll be reminded of the three ways you can approach a child or a teen with a task and make sure it gets done without nagging.

Age doesn’t matter.

Kids should have chores from the age of 18 months. No matter how old they are, you’ll need to remind them to get the chores done, but you don’t have to KEEP reminding them.

Personality does matter.

Your personality AND the child’s personality. That’s why there are three choices. Find one that works for you and for them.

You can start now.

This does not require a plan of attack or a state summit to get everyone on board. Pick your method and you can be done with nagging now.

Are you ready?

What have you done instead of nagging? Try this video!