Children are miracles. Loving parents know this. But kids start out life innocent and only learn what they observe and they’re taught. And these days, slogans such as “Black Lives Matter” are visible everywhere.

When required to declare race on a form, my wife and I check the “White” box.

And yet, my wife’s skin is darker than mine. And not because she spends a lot of time in the garden.

I fantasized recently that if science produced an instrument that could measure skin color precisely, we would discover that every human being on Earth has a slightly different skin color.

And yet, we look at each other and say “white.” Or “black.” Or “brown.” Etc.

People tend to make skin color a defining aspect of someone, even though their race and skin color have absolutely no importance at all.

What does matter, of course, are a person’s values. And character strength. And their knowledge, skill, and life experience. And their desire to care for others and improve the world around them. The color of a person’s skin is irrelevant. Meaningless.

Despite the actions of people involved in violence, all lives matter.

There. Teach your budding miracle that. Among other important aspects of life wisdom, teach that.