I know that not everyone wants to “be all you can be.” Not everyone is serious enough about personal growth to do something about it. A whole lot of people are happy with who they are, thank you very much, and wake up to each new day content to consume whatever the world dishes out.

But maybe you think of yourself as a “lifelong learner.” You invest in yourself. Maybe you’re seeking more wisdom, more insights, more truth, or more practical ways to live a healthy, effective, personally rewarding life.

If so, you may be interested in Optimize, an amazingly rich, constantly growing online archive of video-based mini-lectures, classes, outlines, articles and more based on hundreds of self-development books read by Brian Johnson. Before I say another word, watch this YouTube video

Also, a disclaimer: Brian didn’t ask me to write this. I’m writing this review of his website not for pay, but because I believe more people should know about it:

  • Parents who want to be stronger for the awesome challenges of raising a child.
  • Teachers, therapists, coaches and counselors who seek professional development.
  • And yes, even the few young people who earnestly care about being all they can be.

I know kids who are like that. I sometimes fantasize what a self-motivated teen could accomplish with this kind of information.

The cost is astonishingly low: $10 a month. I’ve been a member for about two years now, and when Brian recently offered me a lifetime membership, I grabbed it.

Check it out: for the price of a movie ticket or a six-pack of craft beer, you can explore the site for a month. If you discover it’s not for you, you can cancel without penalty.

If you end up thinking this resource is as wonderful as I do, instead of thanking me, pay it forward by telling someone you care about.

One of the best ways to grow strong for life is to develop powerful thinking skills. You can learn how to encourage this in my new book: How Your Teen Can Grow a Smarter Brain.

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