Knowledge doesn’t appear out of thin air. Thanks to my experience as a dad, my 30-year passion for learning about the brain and interpersonal communication, and the work of many, many experts, I have learned a great deal about parenting;  experience-based, research-based know-how, which I use to validate the best parent-child communication skills.

I’m happy to share my list of best websites with you! These online resources feature regularly updated helpful content for parents.

Your Teen magazine. Articles that can make raising a teenager easier for you and your teen. Topics include school, social life, health, drugs & alcohol, technology, family life, driving and sports.

Mom Junction. Articles related to the full spectrum of parenting challenges, from pregnancy to preteen and early teen.

Parents Magazine. Articles about pregnancy, babies, preschoolers, big kids, food, health and fun.

Kids in the House. Over 8,000 brief parenting videos on diverse topics related to pregnancy, adopting, baby, toddler, elementary, teen and special needs.

Yahoo Parenting News. News-related articles—families, babies, kids, teens, and pregnancy, often with how-to tips.

iMOM. Articles from guest authors about baby & toddlers, kids, discipline, parenting styles, girls, boys, single mom, blended families, teenagers, adult children, and kid technology.

BonBon Break. An online magazine for modern moms, a team of writer-editors bring you advice and inspiration.  Simplify your life and connect with other moms as you peruse recipes, parenting tips, crafts, humor, and more.

Family Education. Hundreds of articles from many experts on pregnancy, babies, toddlers, kids, teens, school, entertainment, moms, food, and community.

Child Development Institute. A large collection of expert articles and blog posts about parenting and teens, with a special focus on ADD-ADHA kids.

verywell family and Teen Life. A rich source of parenting know-how, with many dozens of articles about teen development, behavior, health, safety, teen culture, dating, and sexuality.

healthychildren. Advice from pediatricians on a wealth of topics for all age groups: prenatal, baby, toddler, preschool, grade school, teen, and young adult.

Defend Young Minds. Reaching out relentlessly with advice to protect kids from porn.