Parents Coaching Each Other: Improving Parent-Child Communication Skills

In many ways, I’m thrilled to put 2020 in my rear-view mirror. The awful Covid-19 pandemic, managed awfully by our nation’s leaders. The result: tens of millions of Americans sickened, with hundreds of thousands dying. The crisis meant shutting down businesses and schools, making life practically unbearable for millions of families. And no help from our leaders, with a president in denial and distracted by his obsession with overturning his election defeat.

Also, this was the year my family moved to a new home. It’s a nice home, and that’s the good news. The bad news is that moving was a mentally and physically arduous process that lasted six months. But as of today, all the pictures are up on the walls, which means we’re almost settled in.

And 2020 had more good news, some really awesome news. I published five books last year. It feels amazing to say so, and maybe it’s amazing for you to hear it. But I’ve been working on the content for these books for several years, and they happened to reach publication one after the other this past year. Here they are:

Two of these books represent a huge opportunity for parents. The book, Connect with Your Kid, is your how-to guide for steadily improving the kind of communication skills you’ll need to deal with the inevitable difficult moments and to have those dozens of conversations you’ll need to pass on wisdom and coach your child towards maturity. The failure to communicate effectively ultimately is what pushes a child away, instead of growing the bond.

As you work on the way you communicate, which is an ongoing project, you’ll experience a lot more success if you have a coach. A good solution is to retain a professional parent coach. Another powerful solution is to partner with another parent in order to coach each other while both of you work on the skills. Moms coaching moms. Dads coaching dads. Moms and dads coaching each other. The support for these parent partnerships is the book, Peer Coaching Made Simple. You’ll be surprised how easy and natural it is to meet with another parent regularly to give the right kind of support and encouragement.

The huge opportunity: the impact you’ll have when you make the skills your default habits while partnering with another parent. The cost: two paperback books, plus the effort to practice the skills when you interact with your child.

One more reason to look forward to 2021 with renewed hope.