As a parent, sometimes you just need to hear encouraging words. That’s what I set out to do when I recorded these podcasts with my business partner, Meredith Bell. We’ve both raised children who’ve turned into successful adults, and we know a lot about communicating in a way that will create a strong bond with your child.

1 – Conscious vs. Unconscious Parenting

It’s possible to be good people, giving kids unconditional love as well as food, shelter safety and security – and still fail as parents. What you need to be aware of….

2 – Adolescence – The Second Dozen Years of Growing Up

Adolescence is a strange time of life when a child isn’t a little kid anymore, but not an adult yet, either. What most parents don’t appreciate is that this time of physical and mental growth begins before the child is a teenager and ends several years after….
Few adults have been taught how to communicate effectively. But these skills are critical if a parent wants to strengthen the parent-child bond while helping the teen grow up to be a happy, successful, independent adult. The reality is that most adults have work to do….

4 – Connecting and Bonding with Your Teen: Communication Skills That Matter

You can build a bridge of communication with your teen, or you can tear it down. It comes down to how you talk to your child….

5 – Effective Listening: The No. 1 Parent-Child Communication Skill

Very few adults are good listeners. And yet, listening well is the most powerful thing you can do with a teenager. Your relationship depends on it…

6 – Listening: Coaching Tips for Parents

Knowing isn’t the same as doing.You may have learned how to listen effectively, but actually doing it with your child is a different matter. While you’re making the effort, here are some tips that will help….

 7 – Major Breakthrough for Parents of Teens: The Untold Story

The book, “How to Give Your Teen a Superior Mind” gives parents powerful insights and techniques. The story behind its evolution is revealing….

8 – Changes in the Teen Brain – Opportunity or Disaster?

Teens do some crazy things, just for fun and friendship—because the judgment and decision-making part of their brain is “under construction.”  What they need most….

9 – Wiring a Teen’s Prefrontal Cortex – The Long-term Consequences

Will your teen wire her brain for critical thinking, judgment and decision-making before the window of opportunity closes? The stakes are huge….

10 – Laying the Foundation for a Superior Mind – What Can Parents Do?

Teens need to be coached by adults to exercise higher-level thinking skills. Parents need to know how to do this. It’s actually quite simple….

11 – A Scary Danger Zone – Teen Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs

You already know what can happen when a teenager gets high. But the long-term consequences are just as scary. Such as the equivalent of permanent brain damage….

12 – The Power of Vocabulary – A Tale of Two Verbs

It’s hard to “connect the dots” if you don’t have very many dots! Words have meanings. And a child who has a good vocabulary will be able to understand more, which translates to greater academic achievement, intelligence, wisdom and critical thinking skills ….

13 – Teen Girls and Teen Boys –Their Brains Are Different!

The French have famously said, “Viva la difference!” Many of the differences in behavior between boys and girls may be attributed to the differences in their brains….

14 – What You Need to Know about Improving the Way You Communicate to a Child

Have you ever tried to break a bad habit? You know hard that can be! The same holds true for improving the way communicate. It will help you to know why…

15 – After Puberty You Need to Change the Way You Relate to Your Child

When your kids are little, it helps to be a strong authority figure. But the game changes during adolescence, and you’ll need to get good at several adult-adult communication skills…

16 – You Need to Be Strong to Parent a Teen

It won’t be easy to bring effective communication skills to deal with your teenager. You’ll also need to dig deep to exercise several kinds of personal strengths…

17 – How the “Strong for Parenting” Program Works

Imagine a fitness center where you can work out to get stronger. But instead of getting stronger physically, you get stronger as a person…

18 – Composure: Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot

In a moment of frustration with a teenager, you could say or do something out of anger that you later regret. There’s a secret to keeping your cool…

19 – Can You Inoculate Your Teen to Withstand Peer Pressure?

When teens rebel, they typically turn to their friends for guidance. This sometimes leads to awful consequences. So what can you do?

20 – Encouraging Your Teen – A Power Skill for Parents

Encouraging your teen at the right moment can make all the difference. But do you know how to do it right?…

21 – A More Realistic, Effective Way to Guide Teen Behavior

Is it Forgetfulness or Rebellion? What You Need to Know about Changing Your Teen’s Behavior…

22 –  Nurturing Strong Self-Esteem Is a Big Deal – Get it Right

Teenagers need strong self-esteem to avoid the dangers of adolescence. There are some things you need to know…

23 – What Parents Need to Know about Teenagers

They’re not little kids anymore, and they aren’t adults, either. The transition from child to adolescent is so gradual that parents can miss the changes and fail to alter the way they relate. What to watch out for…

24 – Social Media – A Good Thing or a Bad Thing for Teens?

Young people spend a lot of time in front of video screens: smart phones, game machines, and television.  New technology is alluring and can become addictive, so parents need to help their kids avoid the dangers.

25 – A Strong Work Ethic – Prepare Your Child for the Challenges of Life

It’s hard to make a life. It’s hard to raise a family. It’s hard to build a successful career. Parents can help their children develop the life habits and skills that will enable them to become successful, happy, independent adults…

26 – Teen Brain Stories from a Family Reunion

Growing up to be a happy, successful, strong adult doesn’t happen just because kids mature physically as they get older. This fact was much in evidence at a recent family reunion…

27 – Three Coaching Skills That Will Transform Your Relationship with Your Teenager

Parents need to use seven key skills to coach their teens to maturity. In this teleseminar, we explain how to perform the top three.

28 – It Takes a Village—Take Luck Out of the Equation

An insight for parents—you aren’t the only ones raising your child. The key is to proactively make sure that this “village” or “tribe” is as positive as it can be.