Pot – It May Be Legal But It Can Damage Your Kid’s Brain

You don’t want your teen to smoke cigarettes. You don’t want your teen smoke marijuana. There’s the danger that normal development of the prefrontal cortex will be disrupted, with permanent consequences. Damage to lungs. Addiction. Gateway to other drugs.

Why do they do it? Many teens think smoking is a way to relax and appear adult-like, rebellious, and cool. The drug may even be legal where you live. Peer pressure is powerful.

What can a parent do? The first step is to be informed. Then you can help your young teen be informed. Here’s a starter list of articles:

Marijuana – articles from Your Teen Magazine..

I describe the impact of pot on the developing adolescent brain in my book:

How Your Teen Can Grow a Smarter Brain.

More about the book…

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