Simon Sinek is an author and brilliant speaker who has important messages for corporate America.

So why am I recommending that parents listen in?

The answer: Millennials – a new, really different generation of entry-level workers that employers aren’t sure how to lead. And it’s causing problems.

Again, so what? Why are employers’ challenges important to parents?

Because many concerned parents like you raised the millennials. They, along with the culture, share responsibility for the smart young adults who are struggling in the workplace. In other words, in their eagerness to guarantee the success of their kids, they may have caused the opposite result.

What mistakes did they make, and what can you learn from them?

I strongly recommend that you listen to all 15 minutes of this video clip. Amazingly, he hits the nail on the head time after time, never missing once.

As you listen, ask yourself: What insights can help you avoid raising yet another “millennial”?

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