Forty years ago, I was in graduate school at Duke University, in over my head, studying hard and learning as much as I could to catch up with my better-prepared classmates. It paid off – I earned my Ph.D. four years later.

It was the most intense period of learning in my life. I remember thinking from time to time, “What are the most important things I’ve learned? If I could learn anything more, what would be at the top of my list?”

The answer was wisdom.

Wisdom is truth to live your life by, thoughts that can guide you to make the best decisions, find joy and fulfillment, take advantage of opportunities, and overcome the challenges and the adversity of life.

I’ve been collecting wisdom ever since, thousands of quotes that have guided my life. As I collected these quotes through the years, I was always aware that it would have made a big difference if I had had access to some of this wisdom when I was young.

Teens aren’t stupid. They can handle the truth. In fact, they need wisdom. In my opinion, the more the better. I think adults should be sharing more of this with teenagers than they do. With more wisdom, maybe kids would make fewer of the kind of mistakes they’re famous for.

Helping your child develop vital thinking skills for processing this wisdom is perhaps the best way to prepare them for leaving the nest. My new book: How Your Teen Can Grow a Smarter Brain.

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