Wisdom, Choices, and the Life Path

With every choice, there is a consequence. And the situation of that consequence sets up another choice.

One choice after another, we create our life paths and become who we are. It’s a process that continues throughout one’s life. And it’s how a child gradually becomes an adult.

The choices people make are influenced by their thoughts and attitudes.

And these thoughts/attitudes are conditioned by the wisdom or erroneous thoughts believed along the way.

Some choices are made from habit. Choices that are repeated become behavior patterns – life habits. Day after day, one choice after another, your child is creating habits.

Parents, share your wisdom. Patiently wait for opportunities, and share it without criticizing, giving advice, or delivering lectures. If you don’t, they’ll be left with the faulty wisdom of their naive peers.

Wisdom is your knowledge of the truth about living, learned from experience.

Some people grow up without being exposed to much wisdom. As adults, it’s harder for them to make good choices.

Through love, empathy, effective communication, and your example, build the kind of relationship with your child that will cause them to want to listen and value what you say.

You don’t mold or shape your child. You influence them to make good choices. Your wisdom is your influence.