It’s well documented: how kids with growing brains can be adversely affected – for life – by too much screen time. It’s a scary issue for parents, because the new technologies are both amazingly useful and amazingly dangerous. And practically every kid loves them. The challenge is how to manage and moderate the way kids use screen-based devices. I’ve posted articles about this many times on my blog, including book reviews and an ebook guide:

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As if the challenge wasn’t already so daunting, now with the coronavirus pandemic, many kids are having to learn at home, remotely. With several hours more screen exposure every day!

, parent coach and head of Parents, Teachers, and Advocates, has focused on this quandary. We recently talked about ways to deal with it on her popular podcast, Let’s Talk Parenting.

For more about the science and practical suggestions about your child’s screen time, check my book, How Your Teen Can Grow a Smarter Brain, 2nd Edition.